Electric Callus and Dead Skin Remover

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Remove Callouses At Home!


Easily get rid of dead skin and callouses?with the?Electric Callus and Dead Skin Remover! This remover with?unique derma-vac technology?that?sucks up those dead skin.?Keeps your skin clean and smooth.


  • PROFESSIONAL DEAD SKIN REMOVER.?Obtain professional results in the comfort of your home! Watch in amazement as our electric?eliminate dead skin and hard-to-remove calluses, revealing smooth skin.
  • POWERFUL.?Effortless remove dead skin and hard calluses?with 2000 RPMs of power --?nano-abrasion heads?rotate at high speed creating the perfect dead skin remover for feet.?Fitted with a built-in vacuum, there¡¯s no mess!
  • RECHARGEABLE.?Simply charge it for approximately 40 minutes and it¡¯s ready for?up to an hour of powerful use! You?save money over time?because there are no batteries to replace.?Compact and portable, you can take it anytime, anywhere!


  • Material:?Plastic


  • 1 x?Electric Callus and Dead Skin Remover