Multi-functional Travel Organizer

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A Breath Of Fresh Air For The Organised?Traveler

Tired of the fuss, panic and stress or losing your travel valuables??Keep the weight off your shoulders, and your essentials at hand with the Multi-functional Luggage Folding Organizer


  • The Organizer?is both a travel organizer AND harness to secure your secondary bag
  • Designed to help you pull multiple bags With ease, while keeping your essential items (passport, keys, phone, headphones, wallet, currency) organized and accessible on the?go!
  • Stays attached to your secondary bag as you go through airport security. Just slide it off the handle and carry it on
  • RFID protected to keep your bank cards and NFC passport safe from identity theft while traveling


Ready to work with your current suitcase. The main panel and strap attach quickly & is adjustable to ?t all standard suitcase handles.

Problem: Other products require you to completely remove the straps every time you go through security, take a taxi or board the plane.

Solution: ?Organizer?slides off your handle, but remains attached to your secondary bag With your items secured

1 x?Multi-functional Luggage Folding Organizer